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  • Acenaphthene
    Product Name: Acenaphthene Synonyms: 1,8-Dihydroacenaphthalene; 1,8-Ethylenenaphthalene; AI3-00128; CCRIS 5951; Ethylenenaphthalene; HSDB 2659; NSC 7657; Naphthyleneethylene; peri...
  • Industrial fluorene
    Alias: Diphenylenemethane; 2,2'-Methylenebiphenyl; 2,3-Benzindene; o-Biphenylenemethane; alpha-Diphenylenemethane-9H-fluorene; 9H-fluorene; 2,2鈥-Methylemebiphemyl; alpha-diphenyle...
  • Mixed methylnaphthalene
    Property: Yellow transparent oily liquid with violet fluorescence Content: total content of 1-Methylnaphthalene and 2-Methylnaphthalene 鈮60% (chromatographic analysis), 70% Uses: ...
  • 2-Methylnaphthalene
    Properties White or light yellow monoclinic crystal or fused crystal. Boiling point 241鈩 Freezing point 34.5鈩 Relative density 1.0058 Refractive index 1.6019 Solubility Insoluble...
  • Indole
    This product can be widely used in floral essences, such as: jasmine flower, lilac, gardenia, honeysuckle flower, lotus, daffodil, etc.It can be used in flavouring agent according ...
  • Quinaldine
    Density 1.058 Melting point -2掳C Boiling point 248掳C Refractive index 1.6108-1.6138 Flash point 79掳C Solubility PRACTICALLY INSOLUBLE
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